Monday, April 17, 2017

N is for the Neuromantic Movement

I've spoke in the past about my love for William Francis and his William Control project. Over the past 7 years I've been listening to William Control and the music has meant so much to me and my growth as a person. For his past few albums William has spoke of the Neuromantic Movement.  This is what it is, in his own words.

NeuRomance is a place inside the heart where we feel most alive, where desire meets trust, where we can willfully remove the chains that bind our inhibitions and dance and drink and lust without societal boundaries making us feel shame. It's a place we find solidarity with lovers and other strangers that surround us in the bedroom or on the dance floor. We live on our own terms and answer to no one. We cater to ourselves, selfishly indulging rather than abstaining.

You are a part of this movement. With your voices, your high heels and stockings, with your ropes and knives and lust, with your strong hands and delicate hips, you are propelling this movement, It's yours. Take it. Live it. Love it. Endeavor to spread it like a virus. The Neuromantic Movement is here. 

I adore it. I see it as a call to action and one that I fully support. I guess I'm just a Neuromantic Boy.

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