Saturday, April 15, 2017

M is for Mikey's Late Night Slice

If you ever find yourself in Columbus, Ohio make sure to check out Mikey's Late Night Slice. I first heard of Mikey's because of this story. I thought it was pretty cool that a local food truck's employees stood up against hate. I had to try it.

The folks at Late Night Slice make quality pizza and feature a unique pizza each week.  The even make vegan pizzas. In addition to the great staff and awesome pizza, the other draw of Late Night Slice is the Unicorn Sauce (formerly known as Slut Sauce). This dipping sauce is heaven in liquid form.

You also have a few other delicious oddities like the Cheezus Crust (and Son of Cheezuz) and the Pizza Dawg.

If you're curious the best specialty pizza I've had from Mikey's was Hot Mikey's Takeover a joint venture between Mikey's Late Night Slice and another Columbus favourite, Hot Chicken Takeover.

Hot Mikey's Takeover 

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