Wednesday, April 5, 2017

D is for Dungeons and Dragons

I try to keep the geek related posts to Halls of the Nephilim, but today I'll mention it here. The hobby that means the most to me and has had the most impact on my growth and development as a person is without a doubt, Dungeons and Dragons. I'm still an introvert, but D&D (and drama club) were two things in high school that helped me gain confidence and come out of my shell. In addition to the personal growth it fostered, nearly all of my (non-biological) close relationships have a foundation in Dungeons & Dragons. The geeks I rolled dice with in middle and high school are now my brothers. I met my dearest friend because her screen name in a chat room was a reference to the Drizzt novels. I have a other friends that I met in college because of a gaming group. The perception for D&D is that's it's a  game that is for nerds that live in their parents' basement. The reality for me is that it has made me a much more social creature.
I love these cats and would roll dice with them anytime.
I love this video and can relate.

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