Monday, January 16, 2017

Love Letter - Tempest Review

I normally save gaming related posts for Halls of the Nephilim, but this game is more casual and I feel like this is the better venue for a Love Letter review.

Love Letter - Tempest is a game designed by Seiji Kanai and released by AEG. It is an simple game that really does feel quite elegant in its design. The point of love letter is to get your love letters to Princess Annette and woo her. However, all of the other players are trying to stop you. The game uses 16 different cards. The cards represent different members of the court and each type has a different effect.  The rules are quite simple. You draw a card and play a card (doing whatever the card says). You win a round (and a pretty little wooden red cube which represents a token of affection), but being in the game at the end of the round and having the highest value card. Having a certain number of tokens (as determined by the number of players) is how you win the game.

Love Letter - Tempest is a fun game and worth the $9.99 retail price. There are also several different themed versions of the game (including Batman, Adventure Time, and Archer). Check out the product page for more information.

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  1. I love this game. I also hope that one day the game design portion of my brain is able to work in such a way that it can produce elegant things like this!