Monday, January 16, 2017

Love Letter - Tempest Review

I normally save gaming related posts for Halls of the Nephilim, but this game is more casual and I feel like this is the better venue for a Love Letter review.

Love Letter - Tempest is a game designed by Seiji Kanai and released by AEG. It is an simple game that really does feel quite elegant in its design. The point of love letter is to get your love letters to Princess Annette and woo her. However, all of the other players are trying to stop you. The game uses 16 different cards. The cards represent different members of the court and each type has a different effect.  The rules are quite simple. You draw a card and play a card (doing whatever the card says). You win a round (and a pretty little wooden red cube which represents a token of affection), but being in the game at the end of the round and having the highest value card. Having a certain number of tokens (as determined by the number of players) is how you win the game.

Love Letter - Tempest is a fun game and worth the $9.99 retail price. There are also several different themed versions of the game (including Batman, Adventure Time, and Archer). Check out the product page for more information.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Dollar Bath Bombs

It might not be a classically masculine thing, but I love taking long hot baths. There's just something great about relaxing in the tub. It's even better when you add a bit of alcohol to the mix. I'm pretty vocal about this love and for Christmas, my friend Alex got me several bath bombs from Dollar Bath Bombs. We've both seen videos about "blacker than my soul" bath bombs that turn the water black and thought they were cool. Well being the awesome friend she is, she ordered several for me. They smell delightful, don't stain your tub, and just make the whole bath experience more enjoyable.

Three black, one purple, one pink, and one red
Two Things: 1.) I felt like I was in a horror movie. 2.) I really need to clean my tub.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I still prefer print books over digital, but Ebooks are nice too. While you should definitely check out your local library for Ebooks, another source of free ones is BookBub. To use BookBub all you have to do is sign up. During the sign-up process you'll be asked about what genres of books you like, favourite authors, and favourite Ebook service (Kindle, Nook, Itunes, etc).

That's it. Sign-up and you'll receive daily email updates about free and reduced price Ebooks.

You can also check out this link daily to see what's available for free.