Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Good,

While I've been down this summer, it hasn't all been bad. Seriously, there were some awesome moments and good news.

My friends, the Hancocks, and I took a weekend trip to Charlotte, NC to attend the 10 year wedding anniversary party of my friend, Mikal kHill in June. I had a great time and got to see my #NoFriends fam.
Sulfur, Me, Mikal kHill, and Tribe One
My first blog (and pride and joy), Halls of the Nephilim finally reached 1000 post! I'm never going to make a full time living writing rpgs, but I can write about them as a hobby. I do create original material too. I've been looking at the DIY rpg scene and I think I'm going to try to break into it. That would be a dream come true.

I had a lot of time with my boy wonder this summer. I had him for a week at a time, every other week this summer. We visited with family a lot, got Lego Dimensions, and played a lot of Pokemon Go.

I had my annual medical check up. While my blood pressure and blood sugar are both concerned high normal... they're still normal. I'm also down 24 pounds from my last visit so that's cool.

Once I leave work Friday I don't have to come back until the 29th. I'm looking forward to the time off. I need a recharge.

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