Thursday, July 7, 2016


Do you remember Sid, that creepy kid from the first Toy Story? Do you remember his bizarre hodgepodge toys?
My first creation

These days people refer to them as Frankentoys. I've found that it's a perfect craft for my fellow millennials:

It's fun, cheap, and bizarre.

Seriously though, Frankentoys are easy to make. Just take some broken toys and make them into something new using needle and thread and/or glue.

I recently did a horror themed teen summer reading program that I called Teen Screams. We discussed two sentence horror stories, how to make ghost photographs, made a zombie escape plan for the library, and crafted Frankentoys. While the program was a success overall, the Frankentoys were the biggest hit. There's just something about destruction and creation. It's something that's rewarding, regardless of age. This can be a fun family craft too.

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