Wednesday, June 1, 2016


As I've previously mentioned, I've started reading Jes Baker's Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls: A Handbook for Unapologetic Living. I don't typically read non-fiction. Well technically that's not true because graphic novels and gaming books are classified as non-fiction, but I think you see what I'm getting at. I tend to read to escapist fantasy. Jes Baker is awesome though, so I wanted to give her book a shot. I'm glad I did! This book is amazing. Within the first four chapters, I know found my eyes tearing up at least three times. The book is too awesome to contain in one post, so I'm probably going to reflect on each chapter individually, starting with the Introduction.

The book begins with Jes talking about who she is, who her reader is, how she get to this point in her life, and why this book is a thing. I love that she nails it in the freakin' introduction.

She's fat. Fat isn't a bad word. Fat is a description. That's it. It's not some mortal sin. It's not some disgusting thing. Fuck what religion and society tells you. Fat is just fat. Fat is a word.

"'Fat' means adipose tissue. 'Fat' means 'having a lot of adipose tissue.' There are no other words that mean precisely those words in precisely those ways."

'Nuff said.

Okay, so you may be asking yourself why I think you should read this. Here you go:

"If you are a person with a body who is tired of being shamed and told to shape up, slim down, camouflage, alter against your will, or make apologies for your body... THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU."

If you've not read it yet, do yourself and pick it up.

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