Thursday, June 16, 2016

TNOWTFG - Chapter 2

The second chapter is titled "Start now, GODDAMNIT: Waiting Doesn't Work." There's a lot of good stuff in this chapter, but it can easily be summed up in this:

Happiness is not a size and you shouldn't wait to do what you want.

If you wait to do something until you lose some weight or something happens, you're never going to be happy. The real secret to life is to just be happy with yourself.

It's like Shia LeBeouf says:

I'm taking this lesson to heart. I set a weight loss goal for myself of 50 pounds by the summer. I've nearly reached it and thought about a reward for when I reach the next goal. I've changed my mind. I've had several gorgeous ladies in my life do shoots with Laura Dark Photography and love it. They've inspired me to do a shoot (though probably with someone else sense LD focuses on feminine shoots). I'm going to do either a rockabilly or a William Control-esque inspired shoot when money is less tight (probably in September).

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