Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Best Damn Barber Shop in Columbus, Ohio

If you find yourself in need of a hair cut and you're in Cbus, I can't recommend Old Familiar Barber Shop highly enough. Located at 116 Parsons Avenue (in Old Towne East), Old Familiar is a traditional barber shop that offers old school and modern hair cuts. You can also get the straight-razor and hot towel treatment, which is amazing. I feel like I'm being pampered every time I go.

The shop is open at 10:00 every morning except Wednesday (the only day they're closed) and accept walk-ins and appointments weekdays and just walk-ins on the weekends. If you're planning on getting a weekend cut, arrive early. I decided to get a cut this past Sunday. I arrived at 8:50 and there were already three guys ahead of me in line. More folks joined the line around 9:30 and by the time the shop actually opened there were only two spots open (and those were filled in by 10:05).

Kenji and the gents do great work. I've been a few times and have felt like a handsome devil every time I left (which let's be honest, that's what I am anyway, but you know what I mean). The atmosphere is great. There are always great tunes playing and no one takes a second glance if you come in with a beer. 

Did I mention they do weddings?

Kenji, the proprietor and first man I've heard refer to a spinach salad as kickass.

The gents hard at work.

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