Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Rory's Story Cubes

I wanted to share something with my fellow librarians, educators, and parents. Rory's Story Cubes are a creative and fun tool.  The concept is simple. You have several six sided die with pictures on them. You roll the dice and create a story using the images you get. It's as a phenomenal party game or icebreaker and is also a fun mental workout that promotes literacy development and problem solving.

There are a few base sets: Original, Actions, Voyages (which I own and love), Batman, and Moomin (Finnish comic strip I'm not really familiar with). In addition there are add-on mini expansions.

The cubes are affordable and a lot of fun. I use them for programs at the library and kids just have a blast with them. If you have or work with kids (up to teens), you should grab a set.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Monday, June 27, 2016

MCM - Idris Elba

Idris Elba is amazing. He's handsome, witty, kind, and funny. He's also sincere and cares about social issues. What's not to love?

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Selfie Sunday - The Man in Black

My boss always picks on me (in a playful way) when I wear this shirt. I wish I was as cool as Johnny Cash.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Comfest is this Weekend

If you're in Ohio and want something fun and positive to do, check out Columbus's Comfest.

Why is Comfest the place to be?

The Community Festival Statement of Principles

We think that people ought to work for the collective good of all people rather than for personal gain. We support cooperation and collective activity rather than competition and individual profit.

The basic necessities of life are a right and not a privilege. People have the collective right to control the conditions of their lives.

People should strive to conduct their lives in harmony with the environment.

We recognize that there are primary attitudes which divide and oppress people. These attitudes are usually shown by prejudice against people on the basis of age, class, ability, income, race, sex and sexual preference/orientation. We seek to eliminate these attitudes.


How could you not get behind something like that? You can check out the program guide here to see if anything sounds fun to you.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

WCW - Faith

I really dig some fictional characters. There, I said it. Valiant Comics' Faith is one of those. Faith (who's superhero name is Zephyr) has been getting a lot of press recently, which is pretty damn cool.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Human Disaster is Here

Mikal kHill's Human Disaster came out today. You may recall I interviewed Mikal last month. If you don't recall that or haven't read the interview, go here and do so now.

The album includes honest, strong feelings expressed through articulate word play over just the right beats. I could go on and on, but I'd rather you folks listen to it and make a decision yourself.

Monday, June 20, 2016

MCM - Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell... *sigh*

I do believe Chris Cornell was the man that made me realize I like dudes too. He's just perfect.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Selfie Sunday - The Calm Before The Storm

In my library system you have to work every 5th Sunday. If you're branch isn't open, then you work at another branch. I am fortunate enough to work my Sundays in one of our new branches. That being said, it's rough being in charge of a building you are rarely in. It gets a little stressful, so I like to relax and center myself in the quiet room before we open.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

TNOWTFG - Chapter 2

The second chapter is titled "Start now, GODDAMNIT: Waiting Doesn't Work." There's a lot of good stuff in this chapter, but it can easily be summed up in this:

Happiness is not a size and you shouldn't wait to do what you want.

If you wait to do something until you lose some weight or something happens, you're never going to be happy. The real secret to life is to just be happy with yourself.

It's like Shia LeBeouf says:

I'm taking this lesson to heart. I set a weight loss goal for myself of 50 pounds by the summer. I've nearly reached it and thought about a reward for when I reach the next goal. I've changed my mind. I've had several gorgeous ladies in my life do shoots with Laura Dark Photography and love it. They've inspired me to do a shoot (though probably with someone else sense LD focuses on feminine shoots). I'm going to do either a rockabilly or a William Control-esque inspired shoot when money is less tight (probably in September).

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

WCW - Meghan Tonjes

I adore Meghan Tonjes and you should too. I've already talked about her once. She has a lot of good insight into the world, an amazing voice, smokin' hot confidence in herself. Here are links to her various pages:


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I’ma Need A Lot More Than A “Yes.”

It makes me sad that sexual assault and consent is something we have to talk about in this day and age, but as the recent Stanford Sexual Assault trial has show us, some bastards apparently don't get it. I won't talk about that any more because I can feel my blood burning just thinking about it.

Schaffer the Darklord nails it with this track about sex and consent.

No means no. 

A lack of no isn't a yes. 

And a yes isn't as the same as an enthusiastic yes.


Ooh, whatchoo wanna do, boo? What you get into?
I just wanna bounce up out and have some fun with you
There’s something wild behind your smile, I see it trickle through
Maybe we can teach each other a new trick or two

So where to? My place or yours?
Or anywhere where we can get behind closed doors?
I’ll gladly go and grab us up a cab, but before that
I must ensure that everything is well above board, yeah

Here’s my full name, and here’s my address
In case you want to send them to your best friend in a text
And let them know where you’re going, who you’re with and when you leave
Or even ask them if there’s anything they’ve heard about me

We’ve had a couple drinks tonight, are you impaired?
Are you stumbling? Are you fucked up? Or are you aware
And coherent and quite capable of making decisions?
Then, cool, but I’ll keep asking for conviction

And we go one, two, three and to the four
Though your words say “yes,” I’ma need a little more
I know you want it when you react with intent
But first I need that enthusiastic consent

And we go four, three, two and to the one
I’ll be checking checking in even after we’re done
But before we progress, stop, before we undress
I’ma need a lot more than a “yes”

I don’t see the mere fact you flirt with me
As a sealed contract of our sexual certainty
It doesn’t matter what you said when you were sexting me
It only matters how you say it when you’re next to me

And I don’t care if we’ve done it before
Or if earlier we made out on the dance floor
For if tonight you change your mind, fall asleep or say “stop”
Then that’s when this stops

But this isn’t just about your consent to my desires
Let’s talk about what you want and what lights your fire
You want me begging? (I’m into it) In leggings? (I’m into it)
Are you interested in pegging? (into it)

This could be amazing once concerns are assuaged
And we’re good, giving and game and on the same page
Everything in black and white and crystal clearer than day
No blurred lines, no shades of grey

And we go one, two, three and to the four
Though your words say “yes,” I’ma need a little more
I know you want it when you react with intent
But first I need that enthusiastic consent

And we go four, three, two and to the one
I’ll be checking checking in even after we’re done
But before we progress, stop, before we undress
I’ma need a lot more than a “yes”

And we go five, six, seven to the eight
“No means no” is never up for debate
And the lack of a “no” isn’t the same as a “yes”
And a “yes” isn’t the same as an “oh my god, yes”

And if that sentiment is expressed
We can indulge to excess or only caress
But before we progress, stop, before we undress
I’ma need a lot more than a “yes”

When I ask “you wanna?” you say “yes”
When I ask “this ok?” you say “oh, yes”
When I ask “into it?” you say “fuck yes”
When I ask “keep going?” you say “no”

Ok, then this is done

Monday, June 13, 2016

MCM - Nick Frost

Humor is sexy and the subject of today's Man Crush Monday has humor in spades. Long hair, short hair, beard, or clean shaven, Nick Frost is a really cool and good looking chap.

Distinguish Yourself With Stellar Feller

I recently learned that one of my old classmates has a line of all-natural beard care products. This was fortuitous because I like to by local when possible and I've been looking at trying some beard care
items. Stellar Feller Beard Company is based out of the rural town of Minford, Ohio. They sell beard balm, bear elixir, mustache wax, and cherry wood beard/mustache combs. I can't speak for everything, but I'm in love with the beard balm. It is made of 100% natural ingredients including: 100% cold pressed Morrocan argan oil, jajoba oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and Shea butter. It comes in six scents: The Outback (sweet eucalyptus), Fall Harvest (warm cinnamon), Orange Cream Soda, Sailor's Delight (Bay Rum), Candy Shop (peppermint), and Cigar Lounge (a vanilla cigar blend that's my personal favorite).

I've been using it for a few days and my beard already feels softer. Not only that, the smell of the balms are delightful, but are really just a thing for the person wearing it (or someone that's within intimate proximity).  The price is reasonable and the product is quality.  You can go to the Stellar Feller website to order all of their fine products and while you're at it check them out of Facebook and Twitter pages.

At 15 dollars, the sampler is the perfect way to give these products a shot.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

TNOWTFG - Chapter 1

The first chapter is titled "What in the world is body love, and why does is matter?" One of the important focuses is on the principle of beautiful vs pretty.

Beauty is all around us. Beauty is "ubiquitous, inherent, and found in all of us." You may not realize it because of your life experiences, but you're godsdamn beautiful. We all are. You are beautiful. Let me repeat that one more time:





Pretty on the other hand is a construct of society based around physical attributes. Pretty was created to divide is. Pretty was created to fuel industry. Pretty was created to devalue and objectify women.

It is very important to focus on body positivity and the truth that everyone is beautiful.When we are happy we're more productive. We build healthy relationships. We live to the fullest. Can you imagine a world in which everyone did that.

I can.

And it's fucking glorious.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

WCW - Jes Baker

For my inaugural Woman Crush Wednesday I decided to spotlight someone I've been talking about a little bit now.  Jes Baker is amazing. She's witty, funny, and a great source of positive change in the world (not to mention sexy af). As I keep saying, you should really do yourself a favor and pick up Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls.

Check out her various sites/accounts:
In March Jes spoke at my alma mater, Shawnee State University and my good friend Abby got to meet her.  

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Best Damn Barber Shop in Columbus, Ohio

If you find yourself in need of a hair cut and you're in Cbus, I can't recommend Old Familiar Barber Shop highly enough. Located at 116 Parsons Avenue (in Old Towne East), Old Familiar is a traditional barber shop that offers old school and modern hair cuts. You can also get the straight-razor and hot towel treatment, which is amazing. I feel like I'm being pampered every time I go.

The shop is open at 10:00 every morning except Wednesday (the only day they're closed) and accept walk-ins and appointments weekdays and just walk-ins on the weekends. If you're planning on getting a weekend cut, arrive early. I decided to get a cut this past Sunday. I arrived at 8:50 and there were already three guys ahead of me in line. More folks joined the line around 9:30 and by the time the shop actually opened there were only two spots open (and those were filled in by 10:05).

Kenji and the gents do great work. I've been a few times and have felt like a handsome devil every time I left (which let's be honest, that's what I am anyway, but you know what I mean). The atmosphere is great. There are always great tunes playing and no one takes a second glance if you come in with a beer. 

Did I mention they do weddings?

Kenji, the proprietor and first man I've heard refer to a spinach salad as kickass.

The gents hard at work.