Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sympathy for the Devil

Lucifer by Wen-M
"Awake, arise, or be forever fall'n."
Paradise Lost. Book I Line 330

I'm not a religious man. I have no problem seeing the positive lessons that can be learned from religion, but living life totally by one, not for me. That being said, I still have remnants of that life in my psyche. These days, it's twisted though. It's given me a love of blasphemy (in humor and kink). This has nothing to do with wanting to offend others. It reminds me that I was a fool and that I can change.

It's also given me a healthy admiration for Lucifer. It may sounds strange, but when I'm at my best or worst, I like to channel my inner devil. I have a modern interpretation of the Morningstar. He made a choice. He chose free will. He chose to be his own person. He is confident. He's charismatic. He's what I strive to be every day.


You say I am a child of God. Well some claim the devil's hand. Oh, Lucifer... what have you done to this man.

"I gave you life."

-William Control - Revelator

William Control - Illuminator (my favorite song about the Lucifer)

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