Thursday, May 19, 2016

Feel Good Jams: Professor Elemental - All In Together

Professor Elemental is the premiere time-traveling chap-hop artist that you should be listening to. Most of his stuff is (unsurprisingly) humorous. All in Together is one of tracks, however it isn't just funny, it also has a great message. It's a song about being yourself, loving that, and lifting others up.

The first part of the chorus is probably my favourite part of the track:

Celebrate your oddities, 
Your work, your sexuality 
Celebrate your urges, celebrate humanity, 
Celebrate your fetishes, my message is clear, 
There's no such thing as normal, everybody's weird 

Though this is pretty on point too:

All in the spot light, none in the margin 
More unicorns and a lot less trolls 
We'll never rest, and we'll never get old 
We'll never get gold, but the airs so fresh 
Just be you, I'm incredibly impressed 

You can download the track here for the astounding price of free.


  1. Chap-hop. I have learned something.

    Good song.

    1. My other favorites are Cup of Brown Joy and Fighting Trousers.

    2. Just checked those out. Also some cool stuff. The offbeat feel of All in Together is just awesome, though. I wouldn't doubt it if the Professor was raised on some gool old 2Tone ska.