Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Body Positivity Week and Two Kinds of People

I just found out that it is Body Positivity Week over at Buzzfeed. I'm going to be honest, growing up, I never thought body positivity could exist. If you weren't "normal" you changed yourself to be that way. There is much ignorance and hate in the world, but we're working on the change.

Modern philosophers at work
This actually reminds me of a conversation I had the other night with some dear friends.  Why things like transgender rights, sexuality, or race are issues is beyond me. It's 2016, we should be living in an egalitarian society at this point, but we're not because people can't just mind their own damn business. John put it perfectly (and I'm slightly paraphrasing because there was wine and 150 proof bourbon involved):

There are two types of people in the world: people and dickheads. People might not understand things, might not agree with them, but if they don't directly impact their lives or hurt anyone, they don't care. Dickheads have to feel superior and use things like religious beliefs and false fear to keep a group in a inferior social place.

I would add that people don't hurt anyone that isn't okay with it (because some of us like pain), but otherwise he's totally on point (and he agreed with me when I made the addition).

You should definitely read some of Buzzfeed's body positive articles this week, but if you only read one, I recommend What Body Shamers Say Vs. What Their Words Actually Mean. I leave you with the final bit of the article.

What they say: 

What they need to hear:

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